Have you ever landed on an internet page that instantly gave you a headache?

By: Daniel Colisnicencum

That would be the result of bad design. Clean designs will always communicate the message clearly as opposed to all those crowded pictures, small, crabbed fonts and crazy colors that make you want to instantly hit the back button to get out of there as fast as possible.

The importance of graphic design

These days, anyone can create his/her own graphic designs, but this does not mean it has to look homemade. ‘Less is more’ applies to graphic design too, and with some simple tricks, you can have an amazing, attractive and professional site as well.

Be Honest

The purpose of your design is to communicate a message honestly and clearly. It has to send the same message as the content, that is why your website, brochure or flyer has to be suggestive of the information being conveyed or the product that is being sold.

Less “Design.”

You do not need to get dozens of pictures, colors and fonts in one place to be able to send a message. Keep it nice and simple, but be thorough and pay attention to small details, especially if you have a lot of white space. In some cases, the use of white space can be very powerful when you want to send a direct message and to stand out from the clutter found in many graphic design pieces.

Take Your Time

Good design takes time, therefore, you’ll need to focus on getting all those details right. Although this might seem like common sense, there are many designers who believe simple design also means less time to create it. Minimalist deign does look simple and clean, but it takes effort and time to achieve perfection, like ballet. The viewer sees an amazing dance performance, but only a few know how many years of hard work rest behind it.

Deliver a Clear Message

Good design does not need any explanation. Think of it like an item you use every day, for which you did not have to see the instructions to know how to utilize it. Your design can be that straightforward too. You simply have to define what straightforward means to you. Is it the lack of clutter, the approachability or maybe the ease of use?

Make it Stand

Good design has to be useful and leave an impact. Did you notice when you look at a hideous design, some of that ugliness somehow influences the way you interact with the world? Maybe you will be more irritable, sad or maybe negativist. This ugliness also affects the designers, skewing their perception of what a good design looks like and forcing them to continue creating unaesthetic designs. Think of the impact your design has upon people and focus on aesthetic and simple elements.

Simple design is not easy to create, but it is worth the effort. Ballyhoopro, creates powerful designs, made with your business brand in mind.

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