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SEO Best Practices – What’s the first thing website owners should focus on?

The growing tendency of the World Wide Web is to become more and more local. People nowadays have permanent access to the Internet, and due to affordable mobile phones, more and more of them are looking up information on the go. Everyone is looking for something in their proximity, so optimization for good Google local ranking is a must if you wish to be found in 2016.


How to optimize my website for a good Google local ranking?    

Here are a few tips and tricks for the best SEO practice of 2016:

  • Optimize your website so that it loads within optimal parameters on mobile devices. Make sure to test it against Google’s mobile-friendly design checking tool:
  • Verify that your business is listed on Google’s My Business, making yourself accessible to prospective clients in your area:
  • Make your listing as accurate as possible by adding pictures, a vivid description, accurate categories pertinent to your business and link back to your own website’s homepage or contact page, making it easier for you to be reached by the visitors interested in contacting you.
  • Make citations for your website on high-authority websites pertinent to your domain of activity
  • Install the JSON – LD markup schema on your website and use it to mark-up your location data.
  • Make sure your business doesn’t show with duplicate listings on sites like Facebook,, Google, Foursquare, etc., as any duplicate listing will damage your website’s ranking factor for local search.
  • Track your website’s impressions through the Google Search Console, as most people using a mobile device to look for a business will not actually click on the respective website, but they will make a choice based on the impressions of the targeted business.

Make your website available on mobile devices, make sure you have all local parameters set properly, and ensure you have good reviews. The key performance indicator of local SEO success is the good impressions of previous customers.


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